Delaney Digital

Buiding relationships -Developing Trust



Delaney Digital is dependent on the success of campaigns and having strong business relationships. The valued business relationships that we have are based on honesty, trust, transparency and delivery on clients' goals and objectives.

Qualified & Experienced Digital Marketers


For the last 14 years of my career, I have in Digital Marketing, promoting clients’ businesses online, offering multi-channel marketing strategies. As Digital Marketing has evolved, my knowledge and experience has also.

Customer Focused Client Relationships


It’s a prerequisite for us here at Delaney Digital to be able to build strong, trusted business relationships. You as the client will have direct contact with the person responsible for the performance of campaigns – meeting your objectives and goals. Being able to consistently deliver, providing a professional and personable service that delivers on client expectation, means that clients stay with us as their Digital Marketers.

Understanding Your Customer’s Journey


How people research and use the internet prior to enquiry or purchase has changed. We have witnessed this change in how people search through different marketing channels and more recently on multiple devices. Recognising the change in behaviours means that we need to adapt the services to meet the client objectives.

Having an avid interest and understanding the data allows us to make informed decisions regarding the marketing strategy that we deploy through service

Importantly, in order for us to give the solution that a client needs to meet their business objectives and goals, I need to have an understanding of behaviour and in how this is measured. We do this through analysing performance and adapting strategy through service to deliver and exceed goals that have been set by you, the valued client.

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