Digital Marketing Services

Growing Your Business – Developing Trust

At Delaney Digital we intend to deliver on objectives and goals by developing a marketing strategy that considers how your prospective search for your products or services.

It’s a myth to think an approach used for a Digital marketing strategy that works for one marketplace will work with another.

Marketplaces differ in the length of time it takes to generate an enquiry or a sale, how much research is performed and what device is used prior to generating the enquiry or sale.

At Delaney Digital we will use data to drive decisions and influence the marketing approach.

Multi-channel – Multi-device strategy

With the ease of access to the internet today on mobile, laptop and desktop means that ‘searchers’ shop around. Different devices and channels from social to review sites, to search engines and round again all happens prior to the purchase or phone call. At Delaney Digital we intend to gain visibility for your business at the varying locations online.

Conversions (lead generation or sale) happen online and offline and can differ by marketplace, demographic and by location. Measuring analysing and reacting to both conversion and site visitor behaviour that will ensure your Business’s growth.

Delaney Digital Marketing will develop a strategy that considers multi-device and multi-channel activity, using data and insight to develop a digital marketing strategy to suit your unique business.

Campaign Performance Measurement and Reporting

Using Google Analytics data throughout the service ensuring that we provide an optimised service rather than just ‘sticking with it’. By doing so we can ensure that the service provided is aligned to meet your objectives and exceed the goals that have been set.

Delaney Digital Marketing is dependent on the success of campaigns and having strong business relationships. They are based on honesty, trust and transparency and the ability to deliver on objectives and goals.

By developing a strategy for your business that uses the varied digital channels organic placement, PPC, targeted social placement (through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat) channels.

Delaney Digital Marketing will ensure that your prospects and customers continue to be engaged using audience retargeting initiatives.

Should you be interested in growing your online business, regardless of your business size, age or turnover, please get in touch by dropping an email to or call me on 0771 813 0200 for a free consultation.